miércoles, octubre 17

Murder me.

I'm looking for you in the shadow of long lost past,
Crying tears of dust with a rotten heart,
You walk through my dreams like a soul in torment.
And all I do is cry in silence.

I want to know what could have been,
I want to know what I've could have felt.
What could have been if I decided not to look the other way,
What could have been?

And when the time comes, 
I hope you are the one to reap my heart out.
And when I crawl across the floor begging for my life,
I hope you let me die drown in filthy dark blood.

Murder me with all tears not cryed,
Stab me with all the pain felt,
Slit my wrist with words sharp as knives,
Let me bleed to death.

Give just one last wish, one final request for a dying man,
Let me see your beautiful jaded cat eyes,
Tell me one last time you love me.
allow a dying man to die happy, even though it is a lie.

Nailo Gottblut