miércoles, noviembre 5

I'm not Bukowski.

I'm not Bukowski.

I can drink every day,
I can drink all day,
I can smoke my lungs out...
But I'm not Bukowski

I'm not a genius,
I don't write every day.
I cannot sit in front of the machine 3 hours everyday
Shit, I'm not Bukowski.

Women came in to early
Reporters never came,
Nor early, nor late,
They just never came.

But I'm like Bukowski,
I also had an abusive father,
I also was hit since I can remember…
But I'm not a genius.

I cannot write a novel in three months
Because I think novels are shit,
I think Pulp, Women and all his novels are shit...
I'm not Bukowski.

Yet again, I don't have a "blue bird"
But I was "born into this"
Into sleepless nights
Into endless sorrow.

I was a Goth,
I was a punk
I was not Bukowski.

I could have cried all day,
I could have cried all night,
I could have lost my mom,
But I was never Hank.

Nailo Gottblut.