lunes, octubre 20

I´ll Say It Again

I´ll say it again,
I´ll tell you again my love,
You are my delirium,
You are mi obsession,

Oh! My sweet and tender demon,
Oh! My beloved,
You inspire my desire,
You inspire my lust.

Oh! My sweet love,
I´ll say it again,
You are the sweet wine
You satisfy my thirst with your blood.

Yes, you are my love,
Yes, you are the light,
Yes, you are my guide,
Yes, you will be my bride.

And as time flies,
I´ll be waiting,
I´ll be by your side,
Till the end of time.

I´ll be all that you want,
I´ll be all that you need,
I´ll be your desire,
As you are mine.

And in the night,
And in the day,
I will not get tired,
I´ll say it again and again.

Oh! My little demon,
I´ll say it one more time,
I´ll say it again,
Temp me with the thought of you.

I´ll say it again,
Temp me,
You are my delirium,
You are mi obsession.

But this I´ll just say it once,
I love you more than life,
Everything else,
I´ll say it again and again.

Nailo Gottblut
The Last Dark Lord

viernes, octubre 10


Otra vez cay
Otra vez el mismo error
Pensar en que ella me haría feliz
Crear ilusiones

Mas el resultado fue el obvio
Ahora sé que no existe la ilusión
Que debo ser precavido
Que debo ser mejor, ser cazador.

En mi vida ya supere la nube negra
Que casi me quita la vida
Que casi me elimina
Ahora la vida será más sencilla

Ahora la vida me da una nueva luz
Sin ilusiones no tengo nada que perder
Sin sueños no tengo que temer
Sin ti, sin mí, sin nadie alrededor

Si, ahora lo se
Si, no tengo nada
Si, bien lo dijo el ayer
“Solos nacimos, solos moriremos”

Nailo Gottblut
The Last Dark Lord

Tu piel

Tu piel

Adoro tu cuerpo,
Tu lechosa piel,
Tus piernas,
En las cuales moriría,
Y volvería a nacer.

Tu piel,
Que con un suspiro bebo,
Que en un beso llevo,
Y en mis manos siento.

Tu piel,
Tu hermosa piel,
De ella vivo preso,
De ella tierno soy,
De sueño eterno,
Tu piel,
Tu hermosa piel.


domingo, octubre 5

Who Are You To Call Yourself Dark Angel

Who are you to call yourself Dark Angel? I really would like to know that?

My Dark Angel it’s not a person it’s a being, an entity, is a soul, so I ask myself, are you that soul? And I ask you, are you that being? And if you are not, why do you call yourself like that?, I know that I gave you that name once but as I said I GAVE YOU that name, because I thought you were that being, so I’ll ask once more ARE YOU THAT BEING?, or DO YOU WANT TO BE THAT SOUL THAT I LOVE?.

Now I know just how fragile life is, but I guess I always knew I just didn’t want to think about it at least not for a while cause I thought life was moving on or at least my life, but I guess not everything works the way I like or think…

Dark Angel!!!
If you are brave enough to call yourself like that then call me Nailo for he is the one, the only one that recognizes Dark Angel, he is the one that knows how to see beyond the rational, for I can not see through these dreamless eyes.

Liar you tempted me
You called yourself Dark Angel
My Dark Angel
And you called me Sweet Nailo
Your Sweet Nailo
Liar you tempted me

And I’m afraid, afraid of the fear I see in others, but what really frightens me to the core are the things I know and came to understand in the past days, and I ask myself…
Is there redemption if I die for you? I want to be your candle in the dark…

Lies have come to light and I have realize that truth is in the air, we just have to learn how to read the signs, so for this reason I will stay truthful to my promise I will get you back even though it might be a lost cause, for I think you don’t want me any more, but love it’s not something that you control, you do not choose who to love.

I guess what I want to ask from you is to bring me the light, in the dark that never ends; the time has come, punish my heaven…

If you are the so called Dark Angel you will find reason in these words, but if you are not, you will only find confusion and this words will mean nothing, they will be meaningless and crazy words from an old soul looking for love in the wrong place, and as broken and shattered my heart is, it will remain until this long quest for love and forgiveness for my crimes comes to fruition… or death.

I am Nailo the soft and calm moon breeze but I also have the "Gottblut"- the blood of god- that burns in my heart like an endless fire, but within these hours I forget us, and I don’t want us to be the fire that consumes itself.

But time has come, and when enough is enough… then is time for a change, good bye my love the time has come.

Nailo Gottblut
The Last Dark Lord

jueves, octubre 2


¡Error!, la gente pensó
Una Negra semilla en María se sembró
Pero María no temió
“Es un don”, María pensó.

Dentro de María la semilla creció
María contenta estaba
María con gozo cantaba
Dentro de María la semilla creció

Pero María también lloraba
Y la gente se preguntaba:
¿Qué es lo que a María le hace falta?
“Amor”, ella sollozaba.

Pero su amor lejos estaba
Tiempo y espacio los separaba
Hace ya años no lo miraba
Pero María paciente aguardaba.

Dentro de María la semilla creció
Y esto a María fuerza daba
En su vientre la semilla fuerza tomaba
Dentro de María la semilla creció

“Oh! Dulce María, Mata la semilla”
Un hombre rogo
Y María claro que se negó
Ella a su semilla, jamás lastimaría.

Oh! Dulce María
Muchos agradecemos tu negra semilla
Muchos agradecemos tu bella vida
Sin ti, Oh! Dulce María no habría vida.

A debido tiempo la semilla nació
Alguna gente temió
Alguna gente gozo
María de alegría lloro.

Sin ayuda alguna
María, la semilla nutrió
María, la semilla educo
Su amor, a María guio.

A María gozo el tiempo le dio
A María alegrías el tiempo le dio
A María penas el tiempo le dio
A María sabiduría el tiempo le dio

Ah! María, cuanta alegría
Ah! María, cuanta dicha
Si, María eres buena amiga
Si, María eres sabiduría.

Te quiero María
Gracias María
Gracias por tu sabiduría
Gracias por la negra semilla.
Nailo Gottblut
The Last Dark Lord

Between darkness and hope

Between darkness and hope
In the edge of the abyss
Take the shot and don’t miss

Between darkness and hope
Inside the thruthness of love
In its seas you will choke

Drowning in darkness
Relieve by the hope
Of a new found love

But not all can be saved
By the purity of hope
That what you can not see
Lurks in the darkness of love

The darkness of love
That lives inside you
Dueling between darkness and hope

Now all you have is putrid love
Rotting next to all of your hope
Darkness consuming it all

All of this happens
When you’re dueling
Between Darkness and Hope