miércoles, enero 21

Until the sun rises up

Why does it feel like night today?
Why does it feel like you’re not coming back?
But, why is it that it doesn’t feel like goodbye?
And I find the answers aren’t so clear.

I just fell like falling
I feel like I’m closer to the age
About to fall, about to know the end
I feel broken and can’t get fixed.

Cause no matter how far we’ve come
I can’t seem to be able to see tomorrow
No matter how strong we’ve become
I can’t seem to be able to see you.

You’ve taken away fear and despair
You’ve taken more of me than anyone
You always acted like a compass
You’ve given me guide.

You are long gone
You are only in my mind
Crawling through my memories
Inciting the loss of control

Your passion drives me mad
Your passion makes me fall
Your love confuses what is real
You are the finest drug.

But I want to know the truth
I want to know what’s inside your love
You have to let me inside your heart
You have to stop the run around.

No more lies
Open up your heart
I want in
Your true emotions want out.

You put on your daily mask
But only lie to the inside
You’ve lost so much trapped in lies
And I’m left outside

See the world, see the light
Let me go inside the mind
I just want one thing
To free your heart.

Keep this in mind this night
And keep it forever in your heart
I want you as you are
Even if you lie

I’ve given you my trust
I’ve given you my love
You know you have my heart
Believe this words coming from my heart

I remember who you were
You were the blood in my veins
The warmth in my heart
The fire in my eyes.

Now I’m sick of the tension
Sick of you trying to hide your true heart
Sick of me being tired of trying
Sick of not having your arms

But if this will come to an end
In the memories you’ll find me
When your heart feels like burning up
When the cold wind blows.

And I’ll be there
I’ll hold you thought the night
And be there to fight the darkness
Until the sun rises up.

Just a memory
Just a thought
One last night
Until the sun rises up.

Nailo Gottblut
The Last Dark Lord

viernes, enero 16

Renaissance in Blood

Bleeding from the deadly wound
Drowning in this river of pain
Drinking from the stream of fear
Surrounded by destruction

A sacrifice,
The end of my life
Covered in blood
Death is freeing my soul

A cold wind blows from the sky
The blood dries
The fury goes away
The soul rides through the light

Screams fill the air
The gates of death open their arms
Fire enlightens the blackest night
No battle left to fight

A voice whispers to my ear
The voice of the long lost
Telling me not to go
Not to go past the doors of death

A sweet voice makes a promise
The promise to see us again
A promise that ends the ritual
The ritual of a new life

In a pond of blood
Surrounded by skulls
The body takes form
It only needs a soul

The soul arrives filled with darkness
Filled with new life
Filled with a new power
Sealing the ritual

A dark ritual
That fulfills the promise
A ritual that brings

Renaissance in Blood

Nailo Gottblut The Last Dark Lord 16/01/09

martes, enero 13


This is the last time I will call anyone a Brother and its all because of you, you betrayedbetray me, you failed me for the last time, the confidence was broken when you where supposed to tell me what happenedhappen between you and her, but you didn’t, you hidhide it from me and that is why now I don’t want you any more, you are not welcome any more. I want you out of my head, out of my heart, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME ANY MORE!!!

I have had enough of you and your lies and for all what that I have given gave you, you will pay and suffer for all times, because for you, I can’t don’t love any more, you I will reap you of my heart, you are not my brother any more, you are aan stranger on the street, I don’t even turn around and see, you are invisible, you have disappeared fromof my sight, you are no more by my side.

Seatle my brother has died, and I loved him so much, but now he is gone, he is no more in this world, no more willwould I suffer his betrayal, no more will I share a nice evening byat his side talking about nothing relevant, talking about the things that life has to offer, talking about our dreams, our truth, even thoughdoe he never gave me that.

My brother has died tosuffered death in my eyes, and I suffer for that, for I lovedlove him with all my heart, he was my companion, my shoulder to cry on, but he has gone to oblivion, he was the one I could take comfort fromin, he was the one who understoodto understand my pain, my love, and everythingall that I am, but he is lost now, clouded by denial of his path, blinded by life, he was cut down from my stream of life and he I don’t know if he will come back.

But if he does, I hope he will be a new man; but few come back from this oblivion as men, as warriors, or as repented men willing to change, willing to do things right, so I will ask… What kind of man you are you? Will you come back?

I think I still expect to much from you my friend, MY SO CALLED “BROTHER”,, I will like to ask you not to fail me any more but I don’t know if you are able to do that, for I have given you tooas many chances, but I gave you always turnedturn your back on me and let me down and you broughtbring pain and anger to my life.

There is no forgiveness for that, but I’ve tried andto let it pass, but at the moment now I don’t know if I can handle that this time you have gone tooto far by makingkeeping me living a lie, a lie that will hunt us both of us till the end of time.

DoughDoe I’ll love you to the end of times, you are gone now, meant never to come back.

So now my last thought for you is this one along with my last advice…

Be aware of your actions, for they are hurting others, be kind to your kin be honest to your love ones, cause your lies are bringing them and you down, and this lies make your credibility disappear and you will fall for that, yeah, you will fall into loneliness and no one will want you around.

I love you so much and for that I give both this advice and the benefit of doubt, I want you back, back into my life so please come back as a new man, don’t let me down, don’t let me forget this love I have for you, don’t let this love become just a thought, a memory…

Nailo Gottblut

The Last Dark Lord