viernes, febrero 27

Infected By A Poisonous Snake

I feel the poison
I feel it running through my veins
I feel this sweet numbness of your love

It is pouring from your sweet mouth
I feel it coming down my throat
It is filling my system

With your nails scratching my back
I feel it entering through the wound
I feel it mixing with my blood

I feel it reaching every corner
I feel it making its way to my brain
Corrupting my mind, leaving me thoughts of you

Now infected by your poison
I know the only cure is inside you
And I don’t want to die

I want the cure as much as I want the poison
I’ve become addicted to you
Addicted to the taste of you

Infected by a poisonous snake
Infected by its sweet venom
Infected and longing for more

I need to say, need to yell
That I need to have more of her poison
That I want to remain poisoned

You are my venom
You are my cure
I... I am yours

Nailo Gottblut The Last Dark Lord 27/02/09

miércoles, febrero 25

This Is Me Pretending

This is my last letter
This my last try
This is my last cry for help

This time it is all so clear
And I’ll give it all away
Everything to have you here

Everything to go home to you
To have you in my arms
To hold me when I’m down

I wish this was all so real
I wish you were here
I wish these wasn’t a dream

Your arms around me
Your eyes lost in mine
I just want a single kiss

This is my last letter
This is my pretending
This is all I need.

Nailo Gottblut The Last Dark Lord 21/01/09